— BY METALSAMay 25, 2023

Our brand is evolving.

Our vision and commitment for the future are clear: "To deliver the best chassis solutions that drive the future forward." This vision guides everything we do, from creating innovative products to interacting with our customers, collaborators, and communities.

To achieve this vision, we must adapt and evolve alongside our environment. As a company, we are committed to giving our best to become the right player, the one that meets the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and becomes their first choice.

For this reason, today, we want to share important news: our brand is evolving. As we progress in the industry and prepare to face future challenges, we want our brand and visual identity to reflect our transformation, which we call our Meta-Morphosis.

 From now on, we present ourselves as the new Metalsa, a company committed to constant evolution and adaptation to offer innovative and high-quality solutions. This new image reflects our vision and our passion for leading the future of the automotive industry.